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Rubber coated cylinders

Due to a rather wide field of use, rubber coatings can be manufactured in different qualities, in order to meet specific needs in their application:
> Wear resistance
> Resistance to atmospheric and ozone ageing
> Resistance to low and high temperatures ( -20C till 250C)
> Resistance to acids and bases
> Resistance to petroleum derivatives, mineral oils and greases
> Resistance on organic and inorganic solvents
> Resistance to graphic paints and thinners

The hardness of rubber coatings ranges from 25 ShA - 100 ShA.

> The maximum length of the metal cylinders ready for rubber coating is 6000 mm
> The diameter can not exceed 1000 mm
> The maximum weight of the rubber coated cylinder is 5 tones

Processing of the rubber on the roll linings are made on the grinders and lathes along the ability to fulfill specific requirement for surface treatment ( polishing, snicking grooves, bulging, etc).