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Rubber coating of metal

Gumins Ltd. performs coating of metal elements of different shape and size, such as:
> Vessels (tanks) for the chemical industry
> Containers for electrolysis
> Pipelines for mining, the extraction of gravel and sand, transport in the chemical industry
> Driving drums and rollers for belt conveyors
> Metal parts that are under large impact and abrasion, such as rotors, stators of the pumps
> Valves for the chemical, food, oil industry
> Other metal parts at the request of the customer

1. Coating of pipelines and various fittings ( T-parts, prongs)

Pipeline coating means rubber coating metal parts and all elements of the pipeline (straight pipes, tees, branches, knee) that are prepared with corrosion protection (AKZ), single-or multi-layered applied primer or acid resistant paint (epoxy) The ability of coating rubber tubes according to the inner diameter of the pipe (Du) and the length(L): D u (mm): 15 - >700 L (mm) : 0,5 6,0

2. Production of flexible couplings (cuff )

Gumins Ltd. produces three types of flexible couplings for excavators for extraction of sand from the river bed:
> Discharge
> Suction
> Discharge-suction