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About us

Gumins Ltd. is the market leader in Serbia in the field of production of a wide range of rubber and occupies a high position in the region, as a quality and reliable partner. The desire for success and professionalism of the employees in our company affect the confidence of many partners that Gumins Ltd. gained during his decade-long existence.


The main program is production of rubber products which are used in various industrial and business systems. In manufacturing, Gumins Ltd. relies on its own recipes to make products as much as possible meet specific customer requirements. In his own Department for mixing rubber, Gumins Ltd. can make rubber compound of high quality imported raw materials, on the basis of different types of elastomers: NR, NBR, CR, EPDM, SBR, BR, IIR and PUR.
Professional team of Gumins Ltd. provides consulting and providing technical advice to customers, including the laboratory verification of the effects of different chemical agents on the tire construction solutions for tool and manufacture of products to the specific requirements of customers.

Production of Gumins Ltd. takes place in seven technical and technological units:

1.) production of rubber conveyor belts with textile inserts
2.) grommets metal rollers
3.) coating metal parts with rubber
4.) production of rubber profile extrusion
5.) production of molded rubber goods
6.) production of rubber plate and foil
7.) mixing rubber compounds.


Gumins Ltd. Rubber industry Novi Sad - Serbia is a factory with long , over seventy years, tradition and experience in producing a wide range of rubber products in different applications.
Gumins Ltd. was founded in 1946 with headquarters in Novi Sad.
Knowledge and experience of highly skilled personnel of different profiles developed new quality mixture and expands its product range.


Gumins Ltd. is located in the South industrial zone in Novi Sad, in Vojvodina province, in the state of Serbia.